Hello from The Elms…

Christian Activities folks…
My name is Owen, and I sing for The Elms- I’m writing you to thank you for the recent article on our band. It was well written, informative (even to me… I had no idea our song was top 5!), and I’ll see that we link to it from our official site (www.theelms.net) to get our fans some current news. Thanks so much for the support of our rock n’ roll band at a time when rock n’ roll isn’t particularly fashionable… We’re excited about the future and I just wanted to thank you for the support thus far.
Hi Owen,
Thanks for writing and for your nice note. I cannot take credit for how well written the article is as we received most of the info the info from someone else, probably a hard-working publicist! But we keep hearing great things about you guys from your enthusiastic fan base, so I am sure we will be running more articles and updates on The Elms in the future. Keep up the good work!
In Christ,
Kathryn Darden

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