Mission Mexico 2001: amigos con amigos

Only July 6, 2001, 29 teenagers, leaders, & translators left Moraine Valley Church outside of Chicago, IL. We barely dreamed how significant our trip would be. We spent 4 days in parks around Puebla.
Working alongside of almost 50 Mexican students who were learning to share the gospel, we put on programs that involved pantomime dramas that made people cry, street hockey, face painting, balloons, & worship. After the programs, we partnered with 1-3 Mexicans and asked people what they thought of the program. In just 4 days (1 during a torrential downpour), over 100 people came to CHRIST! I know that evangelism isn’t measured in numbers and new Christians aren’t notches on our belt, but I can’t help standing in awe at God’s amazing power when I look around the park & 40 people are sitting with our group members, praying & calling to Jesus!
God also worked in our hearts. For me, this trip opened my eyes to what faith can be and to the power of prayer. On our first day, the rain began just as our bus pulled up to the park. Our team got into small groups, held hands, & prayed for God to control the weather…but we didn’t just pray. We prayed *with faith* that he would use the day to HIS glory. It took about 2 minutes for the rain to stop. We looked at the sky later that evening. There were storm clouds all around – all except for a little patch of sun over Paseo Bravo, the park we were at. I came back from this trip in awe of my Father – and hungry for more of Him. I get up each morning in prayer and spend my free time each day with Him, in His word. I love the way He makes me feel!
I ask that you pray for the Mexican students that we worked with – pray that the fire in their hearts would continue to grow & their desire to share their faith would remain. I ask that you pray for everyone that came to Christ – that they would take root in Jesus & *grow* in HIM!
Finally, I have a special request. We worked at an orphanage on one of the days. There is a sweet little girl named Carmen who longs for a family. She accepted Christ that day – pray that she will always be comforted by the fact that she has a Daddy in Heaven who loves her very much.
If you would like to send us a report about a recent missions trip to another country, please email it to Christian Activities.

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