CanZion Productions and Vida Music Unite

With the goal of expanding distribution of Christian Latin music
recordings in Christian as well as secular markets, CanZion Productions and
Vida Music, two of the largest companies in Christian Latin music unite
efforts in an unprecedented partnership.
Under a new agreement, Vida/Zondervan will distribute in the CBA and General
markets in the United States, CanZion’s 15 best-selling albums.
The albums are the following:
· Sana Nuestra Tierra – Marcos Witt
· Rojo – Rojo
· Vivencias – Marcos Witt
· Recordando – Marcos Witt
· Homenaje a Jesús – Marcos Witt
· Venció – Marcos Witt
· Enciende una Luz – Marcos Witt
· Adoremos – Marcos Witt
· Proyecto AA – Marcos Witt
· Cantaré de Tu amor – Danilo Montero
· Admirable – Danilo Montero
· Eres Todo Poderoso – Danilo Montero
· Dios Al Mundo Amó – Varios
· Lo Mejor de Marcos 1 – Marcos Witt
· Lo Mejor de Marcos 2 – Marcos Witt
This agreement also gives Vida Music distribution rights for Marcos Witt’s
upcoming album “Dios de Pactos” (God of Covenants), which is scheduled for
release in April, 2003.
At the same time, CanZion Productions will now distribute several of Vida
Music’s top-selling albums throughout Hispanic Christian bookstores in the
United States, including albums by René González, Funky, Julissa, Marcos
Vidal, Roberto Orellana, María del Sol, Michael Rodríguez, Miguel Angel
Guerra, 33 dC and Rescate, among others.
“I believe that this strategic marketing partnership between CanZion and
Vida-Zondervan will not only benefit both companies, but will also further
promote the continuous growth of Latin Christian Music in the United States
market,” said Arturo Allen, director of marketing and music for Vida Music.
Sergio Blanchet, vice president of international marketing for CanZion,
agreed, saying “this is the kind of alliance that will result in a greater
impact and presence, both in the secular and the Christian markets,
utilizing the skills and resources of both companies to maximize the
development and growth of Christian Latin Music in the United States.
Vida Music is a division of Vida-Zondervan and has the largest catalogue of
Latin Christian Music, with over 120 albums in every genre, including Praise
and Worship, Pop, Rock, Tropical, Rap and Mexican Regional.
CanZion Productions, founded in 1987, has the complete catalogue of Marcos
Witt, the best-known singer in Spanish Christian music with total sales of
more than 5 million albums worldwide. In addition, the company produces
albums by well-known worship leaders ans singers such as Danilo Montero,
Rojo, Jorge Lozano, Alas de Aguila, Gadiel Espinoza, Ralphi, Alex Campos and
Misión Vida, among others.


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