VW Boys Snappy Lunch Is a Treat

The VW Boy’s Snappy Lunch CD is now out and is well worth a listen – several listens, in
fact. With its homey combination of old favorites, basic bluegrass, and new songs, the
project has a familiar feel, much like hangin’ out on the front porch with an old friend.
Favorites include “Ole Buddha” which has a timely 21st century twist added, and the title
track, “Snappy Lunch, ” makes me want to eat the entire menu of the Mt. Airy, NC, restaurant RIGHT NOW. “Carolina
Town” is a cute little ditty about Mayberry which any fan of “The Andy Griffith Show” should really enjoy. There were several
comments and songs with a spiritual bent so the CD is definitely family friendly to church-going folks.
East Tennessee’s Gary Wedemeyer is one of the special guests on the project and he does a Briscoe Darling
impersonation as well as singing “Low and Lonely,” the third Mayberry song on the project. He also is responsible for the enhanced CD and the
CD graphics which sports great photos of the Snappy Lunch restaurant. I had the chance to talk to
Gary and get his perspective on the new project.
“We had a great time doing the CD,” affirms Gary. “If there are any Mayberry fans bigger
than me it is the VW Boys, and when Tim White approached me about this project I
jumped at the chance. Not only did I get to sing (more like “caterwauling”) but they turned
me loose on the graphics and enhanced portion as well.”
“There are 3 Mayberry related songs on the CD and lots of Bluegrass and some interviews
with several of the guest performers. A real treat for me was working with Hunter Berry, an
18 year old Fiddling phenomenon. If any of you saw Andy Griffith on the Opry recently it
was Hunter backing him up on Fiddle. He currently plays Bluegrass with Rhonda Vincent and the Rage.”
Gary says if you would like a copy of the CD, the VW Boys have copies with them
whenever they perform. There are copies at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in
Bristol, TN and at Weaver’s Department Store. “Tim of the
VW Boys just got back from taking a batch of CD’s to Charles at the Snappy Lunch in
Mt. Airy. Tim said as always Mr. Dowell was ‘tickled’ to have them.”
Concluding with Briscoe Darling’s famous words, Gary added his personal philosophy:
“Got time to Breathe, Got time for Music.”
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