Belmont United Methodist Church Presents Cotton Patch Gospel

Most Georgians will argue that they live in “God’s Country” but few would
liken modern-day Atlanta and Valdosta to biblical Jerusalem and Nazareth.
However, that’s exactly the transformation that occurs in the award winning
play, The Cotton Patch Gospels.
The presentation takes down-home southern fried jargon and sets it to the
Gospels of Matthew and John. When the cast sings the Harry Chapin tune,
“Something’s Brewin’ in Gainesville,” they ain’t talkin’ moonshine – they’re
referring to the birth of Jesus. Herod is the Governor of the Peach State as
Mary and Joseph Davidson head to Atlanta for an IRS audit. They take a
detour, having to hole-up in a trailer for the divine birth.
The legendary Harry Chapin, who peppered the play with songs such as “Sho
Nuff,” and “Spitball”, wrote the music. The scripting, by Tom Key and
Russell Treyz, is not only funny, but is thought provoking as well. The
savior’s incredible sensitivity reaches out to the audience, as does his
anger when he takes a sledgehammer to a church mall and rebukes
televangelists. The play has been called a “joyful celebration.”
The play will be performed at the Belmont United Methodist Church in
Hillsboro Village on Saturday, May 4 at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 5, at
4:30. Tickets are $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children, with a maximum
cost of $12 per family.
Belmont United Methodist Church is located in the Hillsboro Village area of
Nashville, Tennessee at 2007 Acklen Avenue close to Vanderbilt University.
Log onto or call 383-0832 for more information.
Belmont United Methodist Church
383-0832, ext. 23


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