Word Evening Concert at the Ryman Auditorium

The Word Evening Concert was held April 22nd at the
Ryman Auditorium. The house band featured the terrific
Chris Rodriguez on guitar. I saw great performances
by 4Him, Mark Schultz, Rachel Lampa, Nicole C. Mullen,
Plus One and the legendary Amy Grant.
Mark Schultz sang “I Have Been There” from SONG
CINEMA. He also gave a great one-line Styx/Dennis De
Young tribute, “I’m sailing away!” Schultz also
performed his new radio single “Back In His Arms”,
inviting the audience to sing along to the lines; “One
life, One Love, One Way Home.”
4Him showcased new songs from WALK ON. “Psalm 112”
featured the line, “Blessed is he who fears the Lord,
Who finds delight in His commands!” Their second song
“Surrender” was a full-on worship song-“I lift my
hands, I lift my heart!”
Rachel Lampa performed with a much greater stage
presence since her GMA debut two years ago. She sang
“My Savior’s Song” and “Beautiful”, written by David
Nicole C. Mullen came on stage wearing a white jump
suit. She brought the house down on the title track
from TALK ABOUT IT. She gave inspiring testimony on
the song “Come Unto Me”, from the scripture passage,
“come unto me all who are weary and I will give you
Plus One made the ultimate fashion statement of the
evening. The band showed off new a new wardrobe and
hairstyles. This included; a leather sport coat and
tie, Rod the Mod hair (Rod Stewart), and torn blue
jeans. They created an energetic dance explosion on
“Going Crazy” from OBVIOUS.
Amy Grant received a rousing standing ovation as
she closed the
show with songs from her new album LEGACY?HYMNS &
FAITH. Amy was joined by Vince Gill on hymn arrangements, including, “This Is My
Father’s Word” and “It is Well With My


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