Apol-acoustix — Apologetix

Just when people were starting to ask, ”What will that band Apologetix come up with next”, J. and Karl surprise us with Apol-acoustix, a collection of lighter fair (i.e. acoustic) tunes to satisfy our ears. Before taking their well-known name in 1992, the band originally played a lot of acoustic material during their bible studies, so this disc serves as a homecoming of sorts. Deciding to ditch the power, and aided only by a pair of guitars and their biblical-inspired lyrical wit, the pair overhauled twelve songs from the likes of Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Extreme and Kid Rock with Sheryl Crow. This initial “fan club only” disc is now being released for general public consumption.
“Talk About The Lord” (“Rock Around The Clock”, Bill Haley) starts off the disc, drawing inspiration from Acts 4:20. Elvis enters the building during the next track “Don’t Be Fooled” (“Don’t Be Cruel”), which is then followed by “The Sounds of Silas” (“The Sounds of Silence”, Simon and Garfunkel). Noah and the Flood inspire two of the featured tracks, “We’re Not Gonna Drown” (“When I Come Around”, Green Day) and “Last Rain The Clouds Spill” (“Last Train To Clarksville”, The Monkees). The highlight of the disc comes as “More Than Works”, a parody of Extreme’s 1991 hit “More Than Words.” A gem indeed, the track serves as a simple witness; only Jesus can save you, not the good works you do.
The disc finishes with the parodies “Trinity” (Thank You”, Led Zeppelin), of which J. and Karl capture the essence of Plant and Paige, “Two-Time Baby/Lord’s House Blues” (“Love Me Two Times” and “Roadhouse Blues”, the Doors) and “Yes Today” (Yesterday, the Beatles). You’ll also find included on the CD “Eight Ways To Be” (Eight Days a Week”, the Beatles), “Scripture” (“Picture”, Kid Rock) and “Mediterranean Wholebook News” (Subterranean Homesick Blues”, Bob Dylan).
While a must for all you Apologetix fans out there, Apol-acoustix serves as a good introduction to the band for newer fans as well. You’ll be able to find this disc at your local Christian bookstore, or over at the band’s website (www.apologetix.com). Enjoy!
Music Review by Rick Campbell, host of The CMCorner (The Christian Music Corner).


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