Melchizidek-The Royal King of Righteousness

As the Lord has dealt with our dirty laundry, and cleansed it, and our hearts along with it, He has made us RIGHTEOUS before Him. Through this study, we have discovered that the word RIGHTEOUSNESS first appears in Genesis 15:6, where Abram BELIEVED GOD, and He counted it unto Him as righteousness, or as we discovered the root of the word means: CLEANSED, or made right. When we agree with God, walk in agreement with His word, receive the atonement of the Blood we are cleansed. Zippo, white as snow.
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE that experience, and that feeling of just being CLEAN! Like pulling fresh white sheets out if the dryer, or running your tonque over freshly cleaned teeth..
Very recently the Lord led me on a little adventure in the Word, where he revealed something very wonderful. He gave me a “EUREKA!” moment. Don’t you just love it when He does that! He opens a passage of scripture, and give a revelation of a jewel deep in the Word! It’s like striking GOLD!
There’s diamonds and jewels and pure gold hidden in the Word of God, and He’s just looking for those who have a desire to dig just a little deeper, take out their Strong’s Concordance and “Voila’!” – Strike it Rich in the Word!
As I was pondering on Abram’s mighty experience of having God show Him the stars of the heavens– like sparking diamond dust in the deep velvet of the night, and uttering the profound promise deep into Abram’s very being of the multitudes that would come after..I just had to wonder what set all this up. What prepared Abram’s heart to have such a profound visitation of God?
There are those moments in our lives. Life-defining. Life-changing. Encounters with the Most High. A Visitation, an Experience, where you KNOW that you KNOW you have heard/seen/experienced God. I believe that the Lord in His grace allows us such experiences that when the going gets tough, we can bank on those times of absolutes. Moses had his burning bush, Joseph had his dream, David had his anointing by Samuel, and his Goliath. Saul was knocked off his horse and Abram saw the stars of the Heavens and heard the voice of God.
Such profound times help us keep going with times are tough, when doubt shakes us and whispers of the ease of another path. So it was with Abram. He believed God, and it was counted unto him as RIGHTEOUSNESS. Through that faith He became “the father of faith”, hallmarked so beautifully in Hebrews. But what set the stage in Abram’s life for such a mighty vision?
The Bible provides us with a clue. There are wonderful clues embedded in the Word of God for those who are hungry to trace the Hand and the Ways of God. Genesis 15: 1 says, “After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision.” After what? What happened FIRST, so that the Vision could happen NEXT? What powerful event set up the situation whereby the Lord could/would bless Abram in such a way.
The answer is found in Genesis 14: 18-20. As I found this intriquing clue, the words, “After this” I just had to found out what it was. I read up through Genesis 14 and found the story of Abram meeting Melchizedek. I had to know more. Looking up the name Melchizedek in my trusty Strong’s software, I sat stunned. Melchizedek is actually two words in the Hebrew which are translated “king/royal” and “righteousness”.
Melchizedek actually means “The King of Righteousness”. Abram just had this powerful vision, and then believed God and He counted it as Righteousness and RIGHT BEFORE ALL THAT HAPPENED, Abram met the King of Righteousness and gave him a tenth of ALL he owned. Amazing. I had never before seen the correlation.
Abram SOWED into Righteousness and REAPED Righteousness. God had set him up, and then rewarded him for his obedience, by giving him the very thing he had sowed into. We all know that this is the first time in the Word of God that the tithe is mentioned, and that Jesus Himself is our Priest after the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews 7)
Some scholars through the ages have speculated if this “type” of Christ was actually Christ Himself. Melchizedek was the King of Salem, or as the word means, “Peace”. He was the King of peace. Sounds interesting… Salem is also another name in this situation for Jerusalem. Abram gave an offering unto the King of Peace and Righteousness, the Ruler of Jerusalem, and God the Father followed that offering with a destiny altering vision.
Amen and Amen. Offer your Offerings and Tithes unto Him who is the King of Peace and Righteousness, follow the footsteps of Father Abram in your faith.Sow into that what you are believing for, believe God and may He count it unto you as RIGHTEOUSNESS.
To the Most High God, Who Reigns Forever!
Copyright 2004. Loralee Douglass formerly a publicist (Phil Driscoll, Babbie Mason,the Gaithers, Atlantafest, etc) is a writer, speaker and minister. She is available to speak at your retreat, youth group, church or women’s meeting. Check out to find out more or subscribe to her devotional email. You can contact Loralee at .


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