Andrew Peterson-Clear to Venus

What a day to release a new record? Andrew Peterson’s
Clear to Venus was indeed released September 11. This
date was also to be the start of a fall tour at
Florida Christian College. Obviously, these events
seemed of little importance on that day, compared to
the events of our country.
As the USA is slowly picking itself up from the shock
and sadness of the terrorist attacks, it has become a
time for people to stop and take a look at their own
lives and faith. The introspective songs on Clear to
Venus certainly fit the times we live in. The leadoff
song, “No More Faith” is a song about faith and hope.
The pre-chorus likely echos many peoples thoughts and
feelings at the moment. “faith is a burden, it’s a
weight to bear…brave and bittersweet, And hope is
hard to hold to.” Another song that definitely speaks
to our time is “Steady As She Goes”. This song is
about being strong through the “storms” of life.
Andrew wrote, “there’s a storm cloud brewing in the
sky above, so let my vessel be sturdy, let my anchor
be tough”.
Musically, the new songs continue in the acoustic
melodic style that we heard on Carried Along. There
are also some new twists. On a few songs there is a
definite shift toward country and bluegrass. This can
be heard on the cover of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Why
Walk When You Can Fly”.
The leadoff single, “Isn’t it Love”, is a very
pleasing, upbeat song, partially inspired by a lost
luggage incident in Kalamazoo. Andrew commented on
this song, “I really did lose my luggage in Kalamazoo.
A guy… who picked me up…suggested that I write a
song about it, and if it had been Detroit, I probably
wouldn’t have.”
Other bright spots on Clear to Venus include, “Mary
Picked the Roses” written by the late Rich Mullins,
and given to Andrew to record. Also, “Loose Change”
is the most creative song I’ve heard from Andrew.
Andrew said, “a song about inadequacy…from the point
of view of a penny”. You’ll want to listen to this
song to truly understand the relationship here.
Clear to Venus, is clearly a record of excellent
songwriting, honesty, and faith. Andrew is currently
on a headlining tour this fall. He is mostly playing
Churches and College Campuses. His trio still
includes wife Jamie on backing vocals and Gabe Scott
on backing vocals and other instruments. AndrewPeterson .

Kurtis Kegley is a free-lance writer who writes music reviews and concert reviews for Christian Activities.

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