Electric Youth Tour Hits Nashville

Five Iron Frenzy headlines The Electric Youth Tour with great friends Relient K, John Reuben and new band, Ace Troubleshooter. The tour will launch Five Iron’s new album, Five Iron Frenzy 2; Electric Boogaloo which hits stores on November 20th. The new album from Relient K, The Anatomy of Tongue & Cheek was released on August 28th.

The opening weekend of the tour, which began in New York, followed by 3000 fans in Pennsylvania, was a sell out as well as and another venue in Boston.

This tour is scheduled to be in 48 cities and will be responsible
for the world’s largest “Sock Puppet Choir”. Each concert is also going to be an interactive play and the bands will be in need of a choir. Fans are being encouraged to bring a new or clean pair of socks that they have drawn a face on. The bands will have several sing along parts for the entire sock
puppet choir!

For extra creative fans there will be a Sock Puppet Pageant with prizes for the most creative sock puppets. Socks will also be donated to a local homeless shelter after each show.

The Nashville show will take place on Thursday, October 18 in Nashville at the 328 Performance Hall. Tickets are $10 with a sock puppet, $12 w/o. Tickets available through itickets.com or at the door. For more information, call 615-834-8633.
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