Amnesty for Lawbreakers?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love all things Latin. I studied Spanish in high school and college to equip myself for the mission field. I have spent several summers working with various hispanic missions, from a Spanish congregation in Geneva Switzerland, to a summer spent with a medical mission in the garbage dumps of Mexico City. Other mission trips have taken me to various border towns of Mexico.
As a former Spanish teacher, I worked hard to instill in my students the same love of the Spanish culture that I have. I was even able to organize a school trip to the Yucatan so my students could experience the culture of Mexico firsthand.
When I first heard about Latin Christian music in the early 90s, I began covering the genre for Christian Activities. When our website was launched, I insisted on a Latin Spotlight section being a major part of the website — before that style of music was popular in most Christian music circles.
However, as much as I love the people, language, music and culture (and delicious food) of Mexico, I take exception to those entering and working in our country illegally. My own forefathers entered this country as immigrants — legally. I believe part of what makes America so special is the fact we are a nation of immigrants. But to sneak into this country instead of going through the proper channels to have the benefits of citizenship is, in a word, illegal and it shows tremendous disregard for the laws of our land.
We have laws designed to protect our country that are on the books for specific reasons, laws designed to protect us from criminals and terrorists entering our country. But we also have laws designed to protect us from an influx of heavy numbers from one culture. Why is that a problem? Just look at the protests. Many of these people are carrying MEXICAN flags, speaking in Spanish, with no desire to become a part of the U.S. culture.
I work part-time at a retail store, and I have plenty of opportunities to practice my Spanish in Nashville as large numbers of non-English speaking Hispanics shop at my store. Some of the men can negotiate in broken English; some of the women cannot speak a word of English. They have no plans to learn our language, embrace our culture, or pay our taxes, yet they expect free schooling and health care while they are here, as well as the right to effect and change our laws and policies.
The numbers’ game surrounding illegal immigration seeks to conceal the staggering costs of supporting millions of economic refugees from Mexico
Like I said, I have lived and worked in the poorest sections of Mexico. I understand firsthand how great the poverty is, and I believe with all my heart we should be doing whatever we can LEGALLY to help our neighbors in Mexico.
Did you know it is a felony to enter Mexico illegally? Just like in the US, the country of Mexico has strict laws about entering their country, but the Mexican government goes out of its way to encourage this illegal influx into our country while protecting its own borders from illegal immigration!
Illegal immigrants want our jobs, they want our benefits, and we hear over and over how they will take the jobs no one else will. John McCain said none of us would work picking lettuce for $50 an hour. $50 an hour? I WISH Christian Activities paid me half that amount, but you will find me nights and weekends working retail to pay my own bills. My brother works as a janitor at VA Hospital, and I have several former students that do lawn work and landscaping. My brother and sister worked at Burger King when they were teens and young 20s, so in just my family alone we have worked fast food, retail and janitorial jobs. Exactly which jobs is it that none of us will take? Shoot, I worked my way through college one quarter serving breakfast to my fellow students, wearing a hair net and slopping eggs. Then I moved up to retail. I would have been HAPPY to pick lettuce for $50 an hour!
All this is beside the point, however. The point is entering this country illegally is ILLEGAL, just like it is in Mexico. We should not grant amnesty for this or any other crime. If anything, during this time when we are trying to protect our country and its borders from terrorists, we should be even more on our guard about who gets to enter our country.
If people want to come to America to help build and become a part of this great country, we should welcome them with open arms as long as they enter this country through legal channels. Anything other then legal entry by definition is against the law and should be punished as such.
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