Worshippers Win Praise

Christian music continues to evolve. Geron Davis and Kindred Souls meets the challenge in their current CD Let It Rain. The simplicity in lyrics, pure melodies, prolific harmonies, and driving rhythms build excitement within that demands release of worship – alone or in a congregation.
Most worshippers in American churches know Geron”s music from “Holy Ground,” a song he was given by Holy Spirit at age 19 just hours before he was to present it in his father’s church service. The heartfelt rendition found in this collection of songs brings renewed interpretation to the humbling reality that we are in His presence when we worship Him.
This is not passive music. It is sincerity of heart leading the listener to not only follow but take the lead. “Go” is both a song and a commandment that Christ gave to His disciples. Geron Davis and Kindred Souls answer the call with an innovative pronouncement of “Go” to the Body of Christ.
Every believer knows it takes more than words to be a disciple, it takes anointing. “Let It Rain” is only one tune on the CD that washes you in the river of God for Evermore, a song currently climbing the Worship Charts.
At a time when war surrounds us, the truth of freedom in Jesus Christ has never been more prevalent. Geron Davis and Kindred Souls brings that truth to life in their penned song Freedom. The passion and the hope of Christ, the celebration of love, the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit and awesome grace will flow as you listen to this dynamic CD. The best of Black Gospel – by white folks – a taste of jazz, a Latin flavored tune with Spanish interlude, and a favorite old hymn complete a musical conversation with the Father Almighty.
Harmonies are rich in this four-part chord composed of family and friends. Geron Davis and wife Becky, his sister Alyson Lovern and her husband Shelton exemplify the choral sounds of a megachurch while spotlighting each member vocally through various selections.
Nurtured in the fold of Nashville’s prolific Christ Church, Geron Davis and Kindred Souls’ music artistry will lead you into worship, take you to repentance, and encourage you to dance in celebration at the revelation of the Father’s love for His children. Great for worship or just listening.
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