Worship In The Round

On Sunday evening, February 23, 2003, Rolling Hills Community Church held it’s first “Worship In The Round” featuring
Margaret Becker, Shaun Groves and Ginny Owens. The “free” event took place at the Cool Springs Marriott Conference
Pastor Jeff Simmons of Rolling Hills Community Church, warmly welcomed everyone and started the evening off in prayer. All
three of the artists for the evening; Margaret Becker, Shaun Groves and Ginny Owens entered on stage and Maggie B
welcomed everyone and let the audience know the purpose of the evening was to “worship” and how they wanted nothing
more than for us to leave at the end of the evening with a deeper desire for Jesus and remembering Him and not them. She
then kicked the music off with her brand new album title cut “My Refuge.” Next Margaret introduced Shaun and Ginny by
saying how both of them as artists truly represent how music can be motivated by Christ.
Shaun followed up the introduction nicely by joking with everyone and mentioning how he noticed that this particular audience
was mostly “Caucasian” and explained that he was getting scared because he was thinking about asking them to clap on 2
and 4. Could it be done? Yes, and it was as Shaun sang his first song of the night, “Damage Done” from his debut album,
“Invitation To Eavesdrop.”
Ginny Owens took her turn by first mentioning “I have nothing funny to say, so I am just going to sing.” She certainly did.
Ginny’s first song was her hit tune; “Free” from the album “Without Condition”.

Margaret began the next round of songs by first talking about the journey to be more like Christ and to grow deeper in His
character is all about trusting God for His will to be done in our lives. She then performed the song “Clay and Water” off of her
“Falling Forward” CD.
Shaun is currently working on a new album. He told us that it might be called “Twilight” which he followed by singing the title
cut tune. The analogy behind Twilight is incredible. We who know Jesus are not who we were prior to knowing Jesus and we
are not yet who we are going to be so therefore we are in the “twilight” of our walk in the Lord. While singing the brand new
tune with Margaret doing the background vocals, Shaun forgot the words and totally stopped everything and said, “Everyone
gets a full refund,” (remind you this was a free event). Lighthearted, eventually Shaun remembered the lyrics and finished the
beautiful new song.
Ginny followed by reminding us of what she terms “the obvious” that we need to hear the simple things to keep us on track as
she continued the set by singing “With Me.”
All three artist smoothly ended the evening by singing 2 more of their radio hit songs. Margaret finished her set by singing
“Horses” from her “Falling Forward” CD and “Say The Name” off of her 1993 “Soul” album. Shaun wrapped up his evening by
singing “After The Music Fades” (as he had the ladies in the audience help him out on the ending) and his smash debut hit
“Welcome Home.” Ginny sang “If You Want Me To” off the “Night in Rocketown” CD and “I Am” off of her “Something More”CD.
The evening was topped off by Ginny leading us on piano with a prayer song; “All I want to do is give my life to you and let
your will be done until it’s all I want to do.”
The artists’ prayer was for us to walk away with the essence of Jesus…I believe their prayer was answered.
What an incredible night! We truly experienced “Worship” in the round.
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