Worship Explosion 2001 Explodes in Korea

Encouraging Music’s Rick Muchow has accepted an invitation to join the team of 15
international and 14 Korean worship leaders, and 8 musicians from around the world that will lead worship at Worship Explosion
2001, the World’s Biggest Worship Festival taking place at the DMZ in Korea during October.
Rick Muchow will lead worship with songs from his most recent CD “All About Love” and share the stage with a worship team that
includes Ron Kenoly, Bob Fitts, Kent Henry, Matt Redman, Tommy Walker, Morris Chapman, Randy Rothwell, Chris Bowater,
Tom Brooks, Abraham Laboriel, Justo Almario, Chester Thompson, Paul Jackson, Jeff Deyo and others.
The event is part of a movement to heal the Korean people and bring about the geographical unification of Korea through the
establishment of legitimacy for one nation, one language, and one history consisting of the people of North Korea, South Korea,
and the Korean residents abroad. Among other events, it includes a concert in partnership with Pastor Cho’s YOIDO CHURCH
(the largest Church in the World-735,000 members) and a concert at the ‘DMZ’ – the border with Communist North Korea
established at the end of the Korean War over 50 years ago. This will be the first concert in history to ever be allowed in this
restricted Military Zone, home to the ‘WALL’ separating the only divided nation left on Earth since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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