Request for Prayer and Fasting for Israel Trip

Perhaps some of you are aware that I (with Raphael Giglio) left for Israel
this Saturday, 8 September. We will meet with Frank Naea, the president of
YWAM, to introduce him to the Land and to many of the Messianic leaders in
the Land. Frank and Joseph Watson, his assistant, arrive on the 12th. We
will be with them until the 16th.
In the first three days Raphael and I will arrange for interviews to be used
on a new TV show that Marty Goetz will host and which is designed to raise
funds for the believers in the Land.
On the last three days (we return on the 20th in time for the Zion’s Sake
meeting that night), we will be a part of the “All Nations Prayer
Convocation” hosted by Tom Hess at the Ramat Rachel Kibbutz Hotel near
Bethlehem Road in South Jerusalem.
This is a potentially dangerous time to travel in Israel and yet Raphael and
I, as well as the others (Kay Hudgins included), are very peaceful about the
trip because we believe we are in the will of God. However, we do want
constant prayer covering.
Would you be willing to include us in a prayer and fasting day between
September 8 and 20th?
If so, please contact Jessica Austin ( and let
her know the day(s) you will be in prayer and fasting. (Please do not reply
to Sandra.)
I plan to be online and send email while in the Land, and trust that Jessica
will be able to keep you informed as needed.
Grateful for your participation in the purposes of God in our day,
Don Finto


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