‘Whisper on the Wind’ Christian Historical Novel by Maureen Lang

“Whisper on the Wind” is the exciting and utterly charming novel by Christian author Maureen Lang.

In Brussels at the height of WWI, a small underground newspaper is the only thing offering the city hope and real news of the war, whispering words of hope amid the shouts of the German army.

“Whisper on the Wind” is the story of Isabelle “Isa” Lassone, wealthy daughter of Belgian-American socialites. Taken to safety in America at the beginning of WWI, Isabelle sneaks back into the country she considers her home, to the Belgian family who raised her to rescue them with the jewels she has smuggled into the country.
But that’s not all Isabella has brought with her. She has brought precious articles from the US newspapers to be reprinted in La Libre Belgique, the underground news sheet that gives hope to the Belgian people by its freedom from German censorship and propaganda. Isa discovers her beloved Edward secretly works for the paper, and he will not leave Belgium. Since Edward’s mother will not leave him, Isa decides to remain in Belgium with them and help the paper.
Lang was inspired to write “Whisper on the Wind” by the real-life origins of the Belgian newspaper “La Libre Belgique,” which began as an underground newspaper published during the German occupation of Belgium in the First World War.
“Whisper on the Wind” by Maureen Lang is available from Tyndale Fiction.
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