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The city of Nashville held a memorial vigil last night supporting the survivors of the attacks on the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon. Near the evening’s conclusion, the symbolic lighting of memorial candles mourned the people lost in the attack on America.

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The ceremony was held at on the grounds of the Centennial Park Main Lawn (between West End Ave and The Parthenon) at
6pm under a beautiful blue sky, unmarked by the usual white plumes and trails of passing airlplanes.

Patriotism and pride were in the air as booths handed out free American flags and tags with “God Bless America” printed
on them. Next to McDonalds down the hill another booth tried to sell decals with the World Trade Center and
related decal art, a gesture that did not sit well with many who thought the evening was not the time to make money
off the tragedy.

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The event stage was festooned with red, white and blue bunting and the Vanderbilt ROTC Color Guard was on hand
with the American flag as well as the flag of Tennessee. The Color Guard set the mood as radio personality Gerry
House took the stage to introduce RCA Recording Artist Martina McBride.
House spoke emotionally about a poignant, tragic scene from a day full of tragic scenes as he mentioned two people who apparently jumped to their deaths from the World Trade Center, holding hands. “As the fires of hell burned around them one of them reached out a human hand to the other,” said House, speaking of our need to reach out to one another.

Country recording artist Martina McBride led the Pledge of Allegiance. Then before singing The National
Anthem, she sang a song which (if I understood her correctly) she wrote that afternoon, “Let Freedom Ring.”
Various radio personalities took part in the evening vigil. Woody and Jim from 107.5 and Dean Warfield from WSIX joined Christian radio’s Matt Stockman as emcees and hosts of the radio driven event.

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Dr. Jerry Sutton, pastor of Two Rivers Baptist church, compared the event to a page from a Tom Clancy novel. He prayed for “wisdom and discernment from God” for our President adding, “We believe in Mercy, but we also believe in Justice.” Pastor Sutton quoted from Psalms: “God is our refuge and strength…”

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Mayor Bill Purcell was on hand to share his thoughts comparing the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor. Speaking about the evening’s gathering he said, “We have been coming together since this tragedy first struck.” He added, “Our faith will sustain us and our God will protect us.”

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It was a night for scriptures as Michael W. Smith, who was introduced by 101’s Matt Stockman, also shared some thoughts, comparing the event to the horror of Columbine, before reminding us (from Ephesians) that, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Smith, who also performed at another memorial prayer service at The People’s Church in Franklin, TN, the night of the disasters, performed with Gotee recording artists The Katinas.

The Katinas were on the air live with radio morning show host Matt Stockman of FM
101.1 (WZTO) when the first
announcement of the New York City disaster came over the newswire yesterday morning.
Along with the patriotic tags and flags, copies of “Amazing Grace” were handed out for the evening’s grand
It was a night of scripture and thoughts. It was a night of praise and prayer. It was a night of patriotic pride. It was a
night of healing. It was ultimately a night reminding us of God’s Amazing Grace.


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