when my day starts

when my day starts,
it starts with a smile,
cause my god lives forever and not just for a little while
he’s always there 4 me 24/7
it’s very cool to know that my god lives in a wonderful heavan
where i will be living in ,one wonderful day
where god will be with me all the way
sometimes i ask myself why people let this oppertunity go to waste
for stupid pleasures of the world that has no taste
then again my god gave me wisdom to do things right
to solve all my problems without a fight
i am so blessed for being a child of god
no way will i want to live like the others
cause with god, he supplies all my needs
and therefore i have more friends than i have sisters or brothers
so now do you see the god that i love,
the one from heavan above
the one that will forever love thee
thats my god’s greatest gift to me

by suzanne brandt (18)


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