Wes Bentley Faces His Dragons

The film “There be Dragons,” opening May 6th, is already impacting people’s lives, starting with those who made it like actor Wes Bentley.
In a new video, actor Wes Bentley (“American Beauty”) shares his powerful testimony of how he overcame drug addiction and found redemption through the production of the movie “There be Dragons.” “I had a very strong spiritual experience on this film… and I found a reconnection to God.”- Wes Bentley In “There be Dragons”
Wes Bentley plays the role of “Manolo,” a dark character filled with jealousy and rage on a path of self destruction. In contrast to “Manolo” is the character “Josemaria” who lives a life as a saint and shows forgiveness, sacrifice and love in all that he does. Noticing the similarities between himself and “Manolo” in contrast to the character “Josemaria,” Wes Bentley experienced a loud wake-up call and made the decision to turn his life around and become sober. With the help of an onset confidant who also struggled with sobriety in the past, Wes was able to face his personal dragons and remains sober a year and a half later.
Relating to his troubled character, “Manolo.” Wes says, “I can knit Manolo and me together very easily. Manolo was lost, I was lost. (Manolo) was trying so hard to be something that he was nothing.” “His actions … were always so self serving and I definitely did that.” “I was a broken person and it lead to dark things and dark choices.” “I have done so many drugs … and was so close to physical death. I could tell that if I didn’t stop I would die and it didn’t matter to me.”


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