2001: The Year of the Christian Boy Band




2001 is definitely gearing up to be the Year of the Christian Boy Band. While there have always been all-male groups in Christian music, the Boy Band is another phenomina entirely!

Groups like ‘NSync, Backstreet Boys, O’Town and 98º have brought a new sound and a new style of delivery to the forefront of the music scene. These (usually attractive) young men, normally in their late teens and early 20’s, combine a high energy dance beat with tight harmonies and precision choreography. It is easy to assume these Boy Bands appeal just to pre-pubescent girls, but don’t underestimate the draw of the boy band! I did my own research on the internet to see who is signing up for the lists and clubs and the Boy Bands are pulling in tons of followers, including both male and female followers, in their teens to mid-twenties.

Now with Plus One and True Vibe, Christian music has made inroads into the popular genre. A random poll I conducted of 57 Plus One fans revealed their average age was 18.5 years. A look at the ages of 8 of the 32 True Vibe fans at the TrueVibeNews Yahoo Message Board indicates an average age of 17. Plus One has a plethora of clubs, websites and message boards all over the internet and the new True Vibe band has already got a decent smattering of clubs and sites showing up — with no project out yet!

Plus One has the early advantage being in the industry sights for a longer period and chalking up some noteworthy hits and an impressive five Dove Award nominations for New Artist, Group of the Year, Song of the Year, Pop Contemporary Recorded Album of the Year, and Pop Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, but True Vibe is set to give Plus One a run for the roses. With talented Jonathan Lippmann at the helm, who has already demonstrated their is not much he cannot accomplish once he sets a goal (establishing 98º, performing with the symphony, getting a gig on Sweet Valley High, commercials, etc.), True Vibe has already tasted the fruits of a successful first single.
They are worth taking seriously, these young men; you might not only enjoy the sound, but you might be surprised what the Christian Boy Bands have to say.


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