We Have Become “Fat Cats”

Those of us who live in America have become “Fat Cats.”
We simply no longer take time to care about America or what is going on in our nation. The ACLU, Illegal Aliens, Islamic Radicals and many other groups just do not matter to us anymore. We have become “Fat Cats.”
What have we become so busy doing? Maybe we have become so busy living our lives we just don’t have time to pay attention. Maybe we have become so worldly we don’t have time to fight for what is just simply right. Maybe there are just too many things going on and we feel unable to fight against them anymore.
Maybe we think we are just too busy to really get involved.
Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent, we believe the vast majority of us are patriotic Americans. We believe in America and what the Founding Fathers started when they wrote our Constitution. We must follow the idea that we are all Americans first, last and foremost. Then we could stop the silly game of political bi-partisanship which is going on in Washington DC today.
The vast majority of you are good people who want the best for America and for your grandchildren. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad people in the world who just cannot wait to do the next wrong thing. We have never figured out why there are bad people in the world, but they are here.
The ACLU, Illegal Aliens and Radical Islamic followers seem to think freedom means no rules, no standards and no personal responsibility for our own actions. The good sounding arguments of the ACLU, Illegal Aliens and Islamic Radicals are leading America down a path of self destruction.
True freedom comes from following a set of rules upon which the majority of moral people agree. We must return to that kind of Common Sense thinking again.
Our Declaration of Independence declares that God, not our Constitution, gave us our freedom. God endowed all men with the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God gave us the ability to make freewill moral choices and then He expects us to be responsible and face the consequences of our own actions.
This is in direct opposition to the ACLU’s idea that freedom means no rules and no personal responsibility for our own actions.
The Bible teaches us that we are saved by the grace of God and then God expects us to be doers of His word, and not hearers only. Maybe that is what is missing in America today. Maybe we have forgotten how to be doers of the word.
Some of you may not be Christians. However, what is wrong with feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the poor and being a watchman for God’s kingdom? What is wrong with trying to live by the Ten Commandments?
What is wrong with keeping America strong so we can help other nations?
The truth is that America will become a third world country if we continue walking on the path we are currently going down. In the meanwhile, we have become “Fat Cats” who are only concerned about getting to be fatter cats.
What is wrong with getting involved for real?
Don Swarthout is president of Christians Reviving America’s Values, CRAVE
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