Lifegiver- Hyper Static Union

Lifegiver- Hyper Static Union (RKT Music)
When your national debut has the support of mega-popular rock band Third Day behind it, it’s destined to be great. That’s what can easily be said about the national debut from the four-piece modern rock band known as Hyper Static Union. The band, which hails from the Northwest (Camas, Washington to be exact), was discovered by Third Day after a mutual friend gave the band one of HSU’s early demos. Impressed by their music, and integrity, the band was picked to be the first release from Third Day’s Consuming Fire Productions, as well as Rocketown Records new rock imprint RKT Music. Produced by Mac Powell, the disc boasts an impressive collection of ten songs infusing a variety of musical styles.
It’s these musical styles which add up to create a unique sound the band flaunts throughout the disc. With extensive backgrounds in rock, jazz and funk, the band fuses all these styles together to bring the listener a catchy, yet powerful rock record. The disc is also very sound lyrically, with a clear purpose of ministering to all persons Christian or not. Wanting listeners to consider all things both human and divine (relationships, the state of the world, salvation, surrendering to God and witnessing), the band incorporates their unique sound and passionate lyrics to force the listener to “tune in” both mentally and spiritually. From the opening funk rock of the title track, to the closing “Now That It’s Over”, the listener is taken on a musical journey that’s hard to fit into any one box. Standouts on the CD include the opening funk rock of the title-track, the vertically-focused “Chariot” (patiently awaiting Christ’s return), the fun and infectious “Just Can’t Leave It Alone”, the powerful “Free Me” and the closing harmony-laden “Now That It’s Over.” Listeners are treated to a hidden track after a couple of silent minutes, a worship-drenched song that’s sure to become used in many communion services in the near future.
If it’s a positive and fun rock record you’re looking for, then Lifegiver is the disc for you. This impressive debut is sure to garner quite a few new fans for the band, and I’m already looking forward to seeing some of these songs performed live. This is good stuff, so I highly recommend you go get your copy now. Enjoy!
– Rick Campbell, The Christian Music Corner (The CMCorner);
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