WAY-FM’s Compassion In Action

1,011 new child sponsors were found during the recent WAY-FM group of stations’ Compassion In Action fundraiser, Compassion International’s second highest record ever for a single radio event. It was held over two days of broadcasting, and incorporated new programming limitations established by attorneys. Featured hosts included WAY-FM staff Donna Cruz and Ace McKay, who recently returned from Compassion trips to third world countries, Doug Hannah, Jeff Taylor and Matt Austin. Other hosts included ShareMedia’s John Brock and Dave Kirby, and Compassion’s Mark Hollingsworth.
WAY-FM’s Chief Operating Officer Dusty Rhodes, who worked on the new legal aspects to suit non-commercial radio, said “We were a little concerned at first working with the new programming limitations, but we all enjoyed the event and were able to produce the 2nd highest response ever for Compassion. They have such a Christ-like mission; we love working with them!” The WAY-FM group of stations still holds the record for Compassion’s most sponsors in a single radio event at 1,027 from 2001.
Compassion’s Marketing Director Dave Olson said, “We are so proud to work with a ministry like WAY-FM and see so many little lives changed as a result.”
The on-air event included hosts sharing their personal stories from their trips, other current supporters expressing what it means to sponsor a child, and of course introducing children to the audience who were available for sponsorships, for $28/month. The WAY-FM stations that participated included WAYM in Nashville Tennessee, WAYF in West Palm Beach Florida, and WAYJ in Ft. Myers Florida. The new WAYH in Huntsville Alabama did not participate since they just signed on-air weeks ago.


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