Unusual Tactics By Pro-Abortion Democrats

Residents in state Senate District 18 may have been surprised on Tuesday to receive ‘get out the vote’ calls in support of pro-abortion JoAnn Graves from the Reverend Randy Brown, Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Gallatin, Tennessee.  However, many voters were even more surprised to learn that the calls were apparently generated from the church office, a clear violation of IRS rules governing political activity by churches. 
“I’m Reverend Randy Brown and I’m calling to tell you about someone who attends my church.  Joann Graves….It’s never very easy talking about a person’s character, but if there’s someone that represents the best in community service, traditional values, fellowship and compassion, it’s Joann Graves….Thank you for your time I’m Reverend Randy Brown.”
Since when is pro-abortion advocacy a “traditional value?”
The church answering machine now acknowledges the church’s venture into direct political advocacy saying “We would like to apologize for phone calls that were mistakenly made from the church phone number due to an error in a mass calling system.  This was an error and should not have happened.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”
One can imagine the outcry if a pro-life pastor or priest made phone calls from his church urging the election of a pro-life legislator.  Perhaps someone should contact Hedy Weinberg and urge ACLU legal action to protect the so-called ‘separation of church and state.’  Or does that ‘sacred doctrine’ apply only when pro-life citizens seek to influence public policy to protect innocent human life?
To contact the church / pro-abortion Graves campaign headquarters dial 615-451-9869. 
To help elect pro-life Diane Black, call Tennessee Right to Life PAC at 615-298-LIFE.
 The JoAnn Graves Record on Human Life:
Though she claims to be pro-life, JoAnn Graves voted against pro-life SJR 127 in 12 of 13 senate floor votes.  (SJR 127, March 31, 2004)·      
  Though she claims to have voted for pro-life laws including informed consent for women (1978) and parental consent for minors (1995), both laws were passed before JoAnn Graves took office in 1997.
There is only one pro-life candidate in the race for state senate 18:  Diane Black who has demonstrated consistent leadership on matters of importance to Tennessee’s pro-life movement.  Voting records don’t lie.  


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