A Hope and A Future

“A Hope and A Future,” an original light-hearted Thanksgiving Season  drama with music, will be presented at Belmont Church just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Considering that today’s family in large part no longer mirrors that of the traditional household, the play explores how and why societal changes and pressures have long since forced many families out of the Norman Rockwell mold.
Issues explored with balance include abortion, freedom and the costs involved, materialism, America’s “me-first” mentality, hypocrisy and same sex marriage.  Thanksgiving Season music sung by the play’s “parade choir,” a children’s choir, and compelling images set to music documenting some of America’s most defining moments such as those from World War Two, the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam round out the play.  v
A team of writers culled from the ranks of Belmont Church, ranging in age from 17 to 70, wrote the play with some writers using personal experiences as their inspiration.
A Hope and A Future will be presented November 13th at 6pm.  November 14th at 8:30am and 11:00am  at the Belmont Church Worship Center,  68 Music Square East (Music Row) on the Corner of 16th and Grand Ave. Nashville, TN   Admission is free. Call 615-256-2123 for more details.


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