Unnoticed – Jesse Sprinkle

Unnoticed is the latest disc from multi-talented recording artist Jesse Sprinkle. After releasing two previous projects (Roobrik and Untitled) under the moniker “The World Inside”, this first “true” solo outing from Mr. Sprinkle offers up twelve intriguing tracks. With the use of richly textured melodies and highly poetic lyrics, the listener is taken on a musical journey involving faith, love, struggles and happiness.
Best known as the drummer for legendary underground band Poor Old Lu, Jesse has kept himself busy since the band disbanded nine years ago. Offering his services as drummer, songwriter and recording engineer, Jesse has helped a diverse bunch of artists such as Starflyer 59, Paul Wright, Serene UK, Paloma, Robert Deeble, Michael Knott, Kutless and Annie Quick. Most recently he’s offered his drumming skills to the bands Demon Hunter and Dead Poetic, as well as open a recording studio (The Illuminata) located in Dansville, NY.
There are many standouts on this amazing disc. From the opening “Listen Closely As The Rivers Rain Down”, with its upbeat, multi-layered acoustic melodies, to the alt-pop/guitar-driven title track and the closing acoustic sounds of “7 Miles to Friendship”, Unnoticed won’t be that for long. For those fans of folk-rock, you’ll enjoy the tracks “The Rumor of Happy Living” and “High Spring Falls.” The short instrumental piece ”First Summer On Earth” is a favorite, featuring the soothing sounds of crisp, layered acoustic and light percussion. Some other personal favorites on this amazing disc include the catchy “Penny Pretty”, the pop-flavored “Alexandra” and “With A Whisper.” Unnoticed also features “Through Blackened Hills”, “Only Inside”, the rock-ish “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” and the unnamed half-instrumental/half-backwards opus, which closes out the disc.
Unnoticed is a solid effort, and pure listening enjoyment throughout. Sure to garner some new fans into the fold, the disc will also satisfy longtime fans of this talented songsmith. Highly recommended!
By Rick Campbell, host of The CMCorner (The Christian Music Corner)


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