Undisguised – Kara Williamson

Undisguised – Kara Williamson (INO) www.karawilliamson.com
Kara is no stranger to the music scene. The highly-talented singer/songwriter has been performing for most of her life, having already released one music project (2002’s self-titled debut) and completing multiple tours with such CCM heavyweights as Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Throughout the 11 featured songs on Undisguised, of which six she co-wrote, Kara takes us on a musical journey full of worship, reflection, love and encouragement.

The disc opens with the punchy pop of “Bring It On”. Backed by a percussion-driven musical backdrop, the song’s message is clear; No matter what trial we may be going through, God is there and the enemy will not have victory. The gentle pop praise of “Where You Are” follows, along with “More Than Enough” and “O Wounded King.” “King” takes its beautiful lyric from a poem written by Kara’s mother a few years ago, and is the most worshipful moment on the disc. The song is also very powerful and clearly shines as a highlight of Undisguised. The disc’s title track follows, the highly personal “Undisguised.” Plain and simple, God takes us as we are.
The next three tracks on Undisguised are some personal favorites, the piano-driven pop of “Everything”, the highly infectious “Love Is For Always” (which borrows a little from the 80’s tune “Talking In Your Sleep” by The Romantics) and the encouragement to a wandering friend “Work It Out.” The disc finishes on a slower note with the songs “You Are The One” (a love song to her husband), “Dear Performer” and the closing cover of Michael W. Smith’s “Never Been Unloved.” On the latter track, which sums up the whole record and her life (according to performer), Kara takes the song and makes it her own.
Clearly destined to be one of the year’s best, Undisguised is one disc that should definitely be heard. Enjoy!
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