Time Out for Moms

Dena Dyer, author of Grace for the Race: Meditations for Busy Moms, is no stranger to a busy life. Being a wife, a mom to 6 year old Jordan and 1 year old Jackson, a writer, speaker and singer/actress, she plays the balancing act every day. “God has used motherhood to teach me so much–I’m very grateful for that!” said Dyer. “Their dad, my hubby Carey, gives me unconditional support.”
Dyer inspired to write Grace for the Race after looking for a devotional in those days of first time motherhood and not finding a book that offered satisfactory release. “As a young, first-time mom I couldn’t find a devotional that was quite ‘right’–that was funny, inspirational and that didn’t talk down to me. Most books for moms (at that time) were written by women who have grown kids, so they were a little out of touch with my day-to-day reality,” said Dyer.
Dena Dyer’s book, Grace for the Race, overflows with encouragement for busy moms.
Biblically based meditations that offer a calming moment, give this book a welcome sigh of relief from the busy life called motherhood.
Each of the forty-five meditations offer true life situations and thought provoking stories that are seasoned with just enough humor to give Grace for the Race a heartwarming boost in the life of a mom. Each meditation closes with “notes from the coach” scripture that ties it all together.
But it didn’t stop there. Dyer’s fun loving personality has spilled over into another book called The Groovy Chicks’ Road Trip to Peace. Hot off the presses, The Groovy Chicks’ Road Trip to Peace is a compilation book with stories from both unknown and well-known authors such as Karol Ladd, Ellie Kay, Anita Renfroe, Martha Bolton to name a few. Some of the pieces are hilarious and some are moving, but all focus on the TRUE path to peace–Jesus Christ. Dyer and co-author Laurie Copeland, provide zaniness along the way with their 60’s alter-ego’s Pepper and Starshine. Those “born-again babes” have written sidebars–Pepper’s Pit Stops (short mediations and things to make you go “hmmmm”), How’s Your InnerState (questions for journaling and reflection), Starshine’s Smile Markers (quotes), and much more!
With all the things moms need to do, Dyer is thrilled to be able to share her heart and humor with others who need to know they’re not alone. “Writing is my therapy, my passion and my calling. And so making time for it isn’t a chore–it’s a necessity and a joy!”
Grace for the Race by Dena Dyer
( Barbour Publishing ISBN 1593103379)
Groovy Chicks Road Trip to Peace by Dena Dyer and Laurie Copeland
(Life Journey ISBN 0781441501)


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