Under God




As you
already know by now, the Federal Courts have ruled that it is
unconstitutional to say the pledge of allegiance in our public schools
using “Under God.”
People, we must fight back. We cannot allow God to be taken out of our
pledges, our churches, or our prayers for safety. The name of God can no
more be taken off of our dollar bills than off of the walls of the
Supreme Court. As it stands today, 90% of all Americans are appalled at
this ruling and we have to do something. So to that end I offer you a
challenge, but with a sacrifice.
Most of us, including myself, are not politicians, but we can affect
politics if we act now. I learned a long time ago, “When you can’t enter
through the head, then enter through the heart.” As a music minister for
26 years, I have seen over one million people come to Christ through such
a simple thing as a well timed song.
I have just finished a new CD, “Ultimate Praise,” that is only available
through our ministry. We planned on releasing it soon, but after the news
I saw today, soon is not enough. I am going to offer you the song “Red,
White and Blue” FREE of charge. Not only that, but 2 different background
tracks FREE of charge as well. You can download it off the website and
have it in minutes. But I also offer you a personal challenge:

A) We need to build respect back up for the flag.
B) Call your local radio stations to play the song.
C) Sing this in your church as a support for the Godly values worth
pledging to in that flag.
D) Encourage your choir director to use this song as a statement to put
God, not only in America, but back in our pledge to our flag–the symbol
of our freedom.
E) Share this song with other friends online, in chat rooms, make it a
topic for discussion.
F) Make it your personal mission to get this song to people of
influence to touch their hearts. People in political office have hearts, too.
We need an anthem to rally around. Something from the body of Christ that
reflects the hour in which we live. I can contribute the song, but you
have to contribute the muscle. Let’s do something, so we won’t lose
You can download the song athttp://www.carman.org/discography/ministry.html


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