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Michael Jackson was one of the strange string of celebrities that passed away within days — sometimes hours — of each other in the past two weeks. You can read my coverage of Michael Jackson’s death at Michael Jackson King of Pop Dead at 50. Michael Jackson was an enigma known more for the rumors which surrounded him during his lifetime than he was known as a real person. Some will claim this article does not belong on a Christian website claiming Michael Jackson was a pedophile who will burn in hell for all eternity. I have already received the emails from Christian ministries that claim this this.
It is not my intent to place Michael Jackson in heaven or hell — that’s not my job; it’s God’s job. However, in light of Michael Jackson’s death, I thought it would be interesting to examine Michael Jackson’s gospel ties — and believe it or not, some gospel ties do exist.
The biggest question is whether or not Michael Jackson become a Christian before he died. There are those who believe he did. Rumors have been circulating for a week that gospel artists AndraƩ and Sandra Crouch led Michael to Christ a few weeks before he died. You can read both sides of the story at: Did Michael Jackson become a Christian right before he died?
Then there are those who point to Michael’s work with the AndraĆ© Crouch Choir and who classify some of Michael Jackson’s own songs as gospel songs, including the song “Will You Be There?” See Michael Jackson’s gospel music ties and The gospel according to Michael Jackson (‘Will You Be There?’ and ‘Heal the World’ videos included)
Gospel and pop artist Jennifer Hudson certainly lent some gospel feel to “Will You Be There?” when she performed the song at Michael Jackson’s memorial service July 7, 2009. Wearing an angelic white dress, Jennifer Hudson performed a gospel rendition of “Will You Be There?” at the special request of the Jackson Family. Jennifer Hudson performs Michael Jackson’s ‘Will You Be There’ at memorial service (video included)
Whether Michael Jackson was a pedophile or not I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. His accuser recanted recently, so who’s to say? But the one thing I DO know is it is not up to us to try to put Michael Jackson in heaven or hell. He is in God’s hands now… as are we all.More on Michael Jackson at:Musical guests, participants announced for Michael Jackson memorial service

Jennifer Hudson to perform at Michael Jackson’s memorial service July 7
Was Michael Jackson a Christian?
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