Ultimate Goal’s world-wide impact grows!

The summer of 2001 was another summer of great impact around the world as Ultimate Goal sent soccer teams to Sweden, Mexico, and Nashville. Nearly 100 participants from 17 different states joined UGM for these outreaches. This doubled the number of participants over the previous year. 65+ people gave their lives to Christ as we made the soccer field our mission field.
We’ve seen growth in other areas as well. Within a few months our ministry team will be up to five full time people. We are expanding to other areas of the U.S. this coming summer with outreaches planned in SW Florida and Denver, as well as our regular Nashville outreach. We’ll be taking teams back to Sweden, Mexico and to a new location, Switzerland. Our web site has been completely renovated. Take a look: ultimategoal.
We are pursuing property in the Nashville area to develop a soccer complex to enable us to expand present ministries a! nd start new ones to reach the areas ethnic peoples, of which there are 100,000. We’ve been coaching a Kurdish boys team and are being presented with opportunities to share Christ with these young muslim men. A soccer outreach is developing with the Sudanese “Lost Boys” and we are partnering with the YMCA to establish the YISL, the Youth International Soccer League. UGM has been highlighted in several major Christian youth magazines including BRIO and Breakaway from Focus on the Family, and we’ve been able to share our ministry on youth radio shows including the ZJAM radio network, “Life on the Edge” (Focus on the Family) and soon to air an interview with Decision Today, the daily radio broadcast of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
God continues to grow this ministry as we “make the soccer field our mission field”. If you would like any more infomation on the ministry, you may contact us at info@ultimategoal.net or visit our web site at ultimategoal

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