Dayna Curry Celebrate’s 30th Birthday Today

A few days before Dayna’s 30th birthday, her mother Nancy Cassell was trying to make sure it would be a happy day for her daughter. “She wanted to be out by then, but if not we are hoping to send things in before then,” Nancy told friends last week.
“We have found some things to try to cheer up the
occasion,” she stated. “In addition to what they have requested, we purchased party hats, balloons, candles (someone has agreed to make a cake), a can of spray
string, a couple of funny posters, Uno cards, an indoor small basketball
hoop, a velcro dart board, 4 badminton rackets and birdies, crossword puzzle
books, art supplies, various other books, and are still trying to find some
sewing supplies. We also were given some earplugs. Add to that various
sandwich spreads, a room deodorizer, and other things that I can’t remember I’m sure.”
Channel 4 reported tonight that Nancy is not sure if Dayna has received the gifts, but she is hopeful that the birthday presents were delivered to Dayna in time to bring some cheer. She said the captives have been in good health and good spirits lately.
We encourage readers to keep Dayna and the other captives in prayer, and to remember to pray for other Christians around the world who are persecuted, jailed, beaten and killed for their faith.
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