Ultimate Goal Ministries Is Growing!

ULTIMATE GOAL IS GROWING! God is honoring my faithfulness to follow His vision for Ultimate Goal. To give you an idea of our growth, let me compare a few things from year one to this past year.
· The number of persons coming to Christ – up 65 times
· The number of full time staff with or in the process of joining – up 4 times
· The yearly operating budget – up 13 times
· The number of participants on our summer trips – up 12 times
In the last few years we?ve also established or are developing:
· The N.I.S.L. (Nashville International Soccer Leauge);
· A partnership with the YMCA to develop the Y.I.S.L.(Youth International Soccer League);
· Coaching a Kurdish team;
· A base in Mexico;
· Expansion of our U.S. outreaches to locations in Denver and SW Florida.
We?ve completely redone our image, giving our brochures, website, and magazine ads a highly professional look and design. You can check out our web site at ultimategoal.
We have begun to develop our soccer complex vision, including our presentation package, as we move closer to the part of our vision that includes our running a Christian soccer complex that will greatly increase our ministries.
God has taken me further in this ministry than I ever expected starting out in the corner of my bedroom as an office, my desk a card table, and using an old computer that only ran DOS. I didn?t even have email.
As much as God has already done, I know the present ministries will continue to grow.
If you are interested in any of our summer 2002 outreaches, either as an adult leader, or player, you may go to our web site at ultimategoal
for further information, or contact us at info@ultimategoal.net for an application. We are also always looking to increase our staff to enable the implemenation of our vision. If you are considering a position with a ministry such as ours, please contact us to find out what we have available.

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