U.S. Army Removes Crosses from Christian Chapel in Afghanistan

The United States Army continues its march towards liberalism as it has now surrendered to atheists and removed Christian crosses from a base chapel. According to Fox News, “The U.S. military ordered soldiers to remove a cross and a steeple from atop a chapel and to board up cross-shaped windows at a remote American forward operating base in Afghanistan.”
The removal of the symbols of Christian faith from the chapel at Forward Operating Base Orgun-E came after leading American Atheists president David Silverman to send a letter to the Pentagon.
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council states, “Under this [Obama] Administration, the military has become a Christianity-free zone. As a veteran, there’s an irony here. You put on the uniform to defend freedom — chief among them is freedom of religion. And yet, you are stripped of your own freedom to practice your faith.”
Obama has already shown his disdain of protecting the freedom of chaplains and Christian servicemen. “The military already appropriately protects the freedom of conscience of chaplains and service members,” Obama has said about legislation which would protect the conscience of military chaplains from having to act contrary to their religious beliefs, adding his administration is “fully committed…to protecting the rights of gay and lesbian service members” above the freedom of conscience of chaplains and other service members.
The Pray in Jesus Name Project, headed by Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, Phd, has come up with a petition to defend military chapels and to demand Congress stop desecration of Christian chapels and altars on military bases. Klingenschmitt is the Navy chaplain who was fired for praying in Jesus’ name.
As the daughter of a career military man who fought in the Army in both World War II and Korea, I can say with certainty that removing crosses and firing chaplains is NOT what my father served and sacrificed so much for. I am ashamed of the U. S. military for allowing liberal agendas to push them down this road.
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