Tyler Perry – ‘I Can Do Bad All by Myself’

Originally posted at The gospel according to Tyler Perry: I Can Do Bad All by Myself (with slideshow)
With his latest movie “I Can Do Bad All by Myself,” Tyler Perry continues his Madea franchise in a movie with several Biblical themes. Although the movie has some adult situations and violence, the story line of “I Can Do Bad All by Myself” is about hope and redemption and has merit and features gospel artist Marvin Winans.
A self-centered alcoholic nightclub performer named April (Taraji P. Henson) is forced to take in her dead sister’s three kids after the kids break into Madea’s (Tyler Perry) home and tell Madea teir grandmother has been missing for four days. Around the same time, April’s pastor (Marvin Winans) sends an immigrant named Sandino (Adam Rodriguez) to her house to work for room and board.
Then April’s pastor and Wilma (Gladys Knight), a member of the church who is good friends with her mother, arrive to tell April that her mother died on a bus which is why she has been missing. The oldest child, Jennifer (Hope Olaide Wilson) is saddened by the loss of her grandmother and her new circumstances and goes to Madea’s house to ask Madea to teach her how to pray.
In a recent interview Tyler Perry tells www.mungleshow.com, “I use Madea as a tool to get people to laugh and relax so I can talk about God and talk about faith; mention the name Jesus in my films. It has worked and served its purpose very well. I have seen people who do not go to church and have no concept of God begin to change their lives because of something that was said in the film.”
In speaking of working with Marvin Winans Perry says, “Pastor Marvin Winans song and sermon was so powerful I didn’t cut it down or edit it. You feel the anointing when you are watching it. It is very powerful and very strong making it different than the others.”
Taraji P. Henson says this about her character April, “It is not until she reintroduces herself back to spirituality that she finds love again. God is love and God represents love. If you are not loving you are not living. You are among the walking dead.”
To read the original article and see the cast slideshow, go to The gospel according to Tyler Perry: I Can Do Bad All by Myself (with slideshow)
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