Kirk Franklin & Ministry Team Caught in Deadly Uganda Riots

Kirk Franklin has just posted messages on his Twitter and YouTube pages about a deadly riot he and his ministry team were caught in while performing in Uganda.
According to Kirk Franklin on Twitter and YouTube, his team of musicians left a meeting in Uganda about ten minutes before Kirk did because he was still greeting people. Franklin was on his way to the hotel in Kampala with some of his team. As they approached the city Franklin says he could see smoke in the distance, but he didn’t really think much about it until they got closer.
Kirk’s bus was pulled over to the road by the bus that carried his team which was now heading in the opposite direction and waving Franklin’s bus down because guerilla soldiers shooting people as they came closer into town.
Read the full story and see Kirk Franklin’s video about the Uganda riot at Gospel artist Kirk Franklin and U.S. ministry team involved in deadly Uganda riots (with video).

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