TV Executives Intent on Polluting Prime Time

Dr. Gary Cass, Executive Director of the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, responded today to four television networks’ challenge late last week to an FCC ruling that several programs had violated federal decency standards.
“As millions of Americans were in Good Friday services contemplating the highest ideals of self sacrifice and love, the major networks were carrying out their self-assigned ignoble duty of making the primetime airwaves safe for indecency. The networks argue that they have the right to use public airwaves to ‘drop the F-bomb’ and the ‘S-bomb’ in prime-time.
“These are, after all, public airwaves and are to be used for the public good. Can anyone explain how encouraging the public, and especially our children, to have even more vulgar and offensive speech is in the public interest?

“In the light of Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction and Bono’s ‘F-bomb’ at the Golden Globe awards, the Center, along with Coral Ridge Ministries, its parent ministry, is currently gathering tens of thousands of petitions to send to the FCC to encourage more consistent and forceful application of existing obscenity and indecency standards. The petition can be accessed at
“Media elites in North Hollywood and Manhattan may think a more coarse and vulgar culture is enlightened, but this only proves how out of touch with America they have become! Potty-mouthed behavior by children usually wins them an extended stay in the corner and, in some cases, a thoroughgoing mouthwash with soap. Potty-mouthed networks deserve similar treatment via the FCC.”
Dr. Gary Cass is Executive Director of the Center for Reclaiming America, a national grassroots organization with participants in all 50 states. Founded in 1996 by Dr. D. James Kennedy, the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ is a national grassroots outreach to inform, equip, motivate, and support Christians—to enable them to defend and implement the biblical principles on which our country was founded.
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