True Vibe at Crossover

Friday, June 7th at Crossover in Camdeton, Mo., will defintely be a night never to forget….especially where True Vibe is involved. The night started off with Rythm about 6 p.m., Comedian Bob Smiley about 7 p.m. and the True Vibe guys around 8 p.m.
True Vibe came out about 8:00 p.m. saying “Hey, How is everyone doing?” They started out with ‘Now And Forever’, then ‘Never Again’, and into ‘You ARe The Way’…Jason let a couple people in the audience, up close to the stage, sing here and there. Jason then said a prayer –that the Lord would be there with them as they performed and shared and that the audience would be blessed. Then they slowed down a bit, by going into ‘Sweet Jesus’. I am really glad they sang this one! I was praying and hoping they would and they did. That made my day!
Jonathan took a moment to share his testimony. I was amazed to what all he has been through. I knew he was involved with 98 Degrees once, but I didn’t know he was into other things at the time. Wow…God has changed his life around totally. He talked about how he wanted to become an actor….but obviously the Lord had other plans.
They talked a bit about something…regarding accapela music, kinda like we all know they sing with music, just to see what they sound like without music.. they then sang ‘I Live For You’. Beautiful harmonies those young men have. Nathan then got the chance to talk about what it’s like to live for Christ and gave an example of a man and his wife..with all these struggles in life. And then he said “things in the mirror are closer than they seem”….which when you think about it in that way, it makes a really good point.
While Jonathan was sharing his testimony, Jordan was playing guitar. I didn’t know he played guitar, so that was cool. They then got the audience involved, when they sang some worship songs….which I haven’t seen many groups/artists do, so that was an extra blessing. Jordan played guitar and Nathan keyboard. They sang ‘I Want To See You’, ‘Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord’, Lord Prepare Me, and I Exalt Thee’. Then they wanted to do ‘You Are Holy’, from the new album….actually Jonathan wanted to do that, he couldn’t remember the track number, though. So, they went onto talking about how on ‘Jump, Jump, Jump’ some people wanted them to take out the words ‘God’ and ‘Lord’….and they were like, ‘if you don’t like it the way it is on CD, then too bad…because we don’t plan to change it. ….then they went into the ‘On The Line’ Movie Song…which I’ve never heard before, which is pretty good–they song.
next was ‘See The Light’, which is from the new album, as well as the title of it….due out August 20th. The song ‘See The Light’ (they said)… is about ‘shining the Light of Christ in all you do and say’. They ended with ‘Jump, Jump, Jump’. In concert they sound SOOOO good! In my opinion, I think they sound better in concert, than on thei CD.
The guys of True Vibe and Nicole C. Mullen both signed autographs at the same time. After Nicole was done…..I went to see True Vibe. They were the nicest bunch of guys I have met to take time to say hey, introduce themselves, just make you feel special. And they are really humble guys. It was awesome! And defintely will be seeing them again when they come to Missouri!


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