First Annual Christian Music Artist Search is proud to announce the first annual Christian Music Artist Search. Some of the most gifted musicians in the world are not on MTV or
VH1, they are in your local church! There are many men and women who have used their musical talents to bring glory and
honor to God. That is why we are launching this nationwide search for those
who only sing Christian music and give them a chance to share their gift
with the world.
Here is how this search will work. This is open to men and women 14 years
old or older. It is for solo artists and groups up to 4 members. You must
record your performance on a VHS tape. Your performance can not be any
longer than 5 minutes.
Go to and you will find
an “icon
link” on the lower left side for the Christian Music Artist Search. Click
the link and you will see this message, and below, a link for the Christian
Music Artist Search APPLICATION that you must print out, fill it out
completely, and sign it.
***There is a $20 fee to cover expenses required
with each entry. Your 1) VHS performance video, 2) completely filled out
and signed application, 3) $20 cash or check/money order made payable to
Liveprayer MUST BE POSTMARKED BY SEPTEMBER 3, 2002. Mail your package to:
6660 46th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33709
All of the tapes that we receive will be judged by Christian music industry
professionals Dick and Mel Tunney . You can read all about Dick and Mel .
On Monday September
9th, the judges will narrow down all of the entries that we receive to the
top 30. The video clips of those 30 finalists will be posted on website at the link for the Christian Music Artist
Search. There will also be a way for you to vote for your favorite artist.
Based on YOUR VOTES, the top 10 will move on to the next round on Monday
September 16th. Again, those 10 clips will be on our website and you will
be able to vote for your favorite artist.
On Monday September 23rd, the top
5 vote getters will remain in the competition, and again, you will be able
to vote for your favorite artist. On Monday September 30th, the top two
vote getters will remain for one week. Your votes during that week will
determine who the winner is.
The winner will get an expense paid trip to Nashville to work with a top
Christian music industry
producer who will help them cut their very own CD.
That CD will be offered on and the artist will receive a
royalty for every CD sold. Most important however, the great talent that
God has given to the winner will be exposed to millions through and HE will be glorified!
Even though this is a competition, and there will be a winner declared, let
me emphasize that NOTHING YOU DO FOR GOD IS IN VAIN!
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