Top Ten Summer CDs

You know that feeling: you’re cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down and the breeze blowing through your hair, radio cranked up, singing along at the top of your lungs. You could be going to work or for a root canal, but the sun and wind and music make it all seem like a trip to
the beach.
If you’re looking for some great driving music to while away the hours on
your summer road trip, check out some new music that’s just good, clean,
sing-along fun the whole family can enjoy. In fact, my 17 year-old daughter
and I agreed on the same top 4 CDs as ‘must-haves’ for any road trip.
So gas up the convertible (or in our case, the clunker Corolla) and set out
for destinations unknown with the windows rolled down and the radio turned
up loud. Really loud.
Top Ten New Summer CDs
10. The Swift – The Swift (Flicker Records) If you were ever a fan of
piano-driven rock, like old Billy Joel or Elton John, you’ll love the sweet,
simple, fresh pop rock sounds of The Swift.
9. Poetic – Tinman Jones (Cross Driven Records) An eclectic mix of edgy
rock, rap and pop.
8. These Days – By The Tree (Fervent Records) Pop rock that will hook you
with the first song, “Satellite”.
7. Spoken For – Mercy Me (Ino Records) Rock worship that will feel like sun
shining on your face even on a cloudy day.
6. So Much For Substitutes – downhere (Word Records) Guitar driven rock that
points listeners to the magnificent truth of the Creator.
5. No You, No Me – Ceili Rain (Cross Driven Records) Celtic rock that’s so
happy you can’t help but smile.
4. Detour 180 – Detour 180 (Cross Driven Records) This group from New
Zealand will hook you with the first note and hold on till the end. It’s
great pop rock with a worship twist.
3. Photographs & Tidalwaves – Holland (Tooth & Nail Records) Meaningful pop
rock with catchy choruses and terrific harmonies. These guys are just cool.

2. Say It Loud – Sanctus Real (Sparrow Records) You simply can’t listen to
this CD without turning up the volume and singing along. Just try.

1. Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right..But Three Do – Relient K (Gotee Records)
These guys are simply good, clean fun personified.


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