CBS Special to Focus on Mayberry

While dining with actor George Lindsey the last night of the recent Mayberry in the Midwest held July in New Castle, IN, the comedian mentioned that a major network had been at the Indiana event, filming parts of it for an upcoming special. Goober was right!
Actors including Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Jim Nabors and Ron Howard will be part of a one hour special looking back at “The Andy Griffith Show,” focusing on the episodes, scenes and characters that made Mayberry memorable then and keep it culturally relevant today. The show will mix footage of the show with cast interviews to discover why a show which ran from 1960 to 1968 is still so popular today.
While in New Castle, George Lindsey and Betty Lynn were interviewed for the upcoming CBS special. They taped in an beautiful old home that is now a museum in New Castle. CBS also filmed the Dillards and Maggie Peterson during sound check before the Saturday night show doing “Dooley” and “There is a Time.” With all these great moments captured for posterity, make you wonder how the show can possibly only be an hour long.
“The Andy Griffith Show” has never been off the air since it first aired in October of 1960 thanks to the loyal fans from every generation who keep rediscovering the show through reruns. The 75th anniversary show is scheduled to air on November 11th.
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