Tips for Tennessee: Unemployment Claims, Food Stamps, Weekly Certification, Swine Flu & More!



I have written several articles for other websites offering tips for Tennesseans on a variety of topics: Unemployment, Food Stamps, Swine Flu, Filing Weekly Unemployment Certification, and Visiting the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Because they may be helpful to some of our readers, I am posting links to the articles here.
If you live in Tennessee or know someone who does, I hope the following articles may prove helpful:
Filing for Unemployment in TennesseeThe company where I have worked part time for many years recently closed the store where I work, so I have had to take a crash course on unemployment. As part of my preparation, I attended a conference on filing for unemployment benefits in Tennessee. I have been making notes and have some tips to share with anyone facing unemployment in Tennessee.
How to File an Unemployment Claim in Tennessee
So, you’ve been laid off, down sized, or otherwise unemployed. Here are the phone numbers, web sites and other info you will need to file for unemployment in Tennessee. Facing unemployment is never a happy prospect, but with the right tools, filing an unemployment claim need not be as overwhelming as it otherwise might be.
How to Fill Out Weekly Unemployment Certification Online in Tennessee
If you have recently been laid off or terminated from your job in Tennessee, you have know joined the growing ranks of unemployed workers in Tennessee. We have already covered How to File an Unemployment Claim in Tennessee in a previous article. Now we will discuss how to fill out your weekly unemployment claim online in Tennessee.
Applying for Food Stamps in Tennessee – What You Need to Know to Apply for Food Stamps in Tennessee–
Unemployment is at an all-time high in Tennessee. If you have recently been laid off, fired, or otherwise terminated from your job in Tennessee, you may be eligible to receive Food Stamps. Food Stamps are government issued coupons that recipients exchange for food at local grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.
Where to Find Free Health Care or Low-Cost Health Insurance in Tennessee
If you have recently lost your job and your insurance and are wondering how you will be able to afford health care, these five tips will give you ideas on where you can find statewide free health care or low-cost health insurance in Tennessee.
Find Low-Cost or Free Health Coverage in Tennessee
This articles is a companion piece to the one above it, but whereas the first article just covers five statewide resources in Tennessee, the 2nd article provides several more local Tennessee resources for the unemployed.

Unemployment Resources in TennesseeUnemployment Resources in Tennessee is a clearing house of articles and information with resources for the unemployed in Tennessee
How to Sell Aluminum Cans & Get Paid to Recycle Drink Cans
Aluminum cans are great for recycling. The scrap aluminum from beverage cans can be reused in products by simply re-melting the metal. Not only can you make a little money recycling your beverage cans, but recycling is good for the environment.
How to Prepare For a Power Outage In Tennessee
Tennessee is known for having a fairly moderate, warm climate. However, in the summer Tennessee can hit temperatures of over 100º and in the winter, it is not unheard of for the temperature to drop below 0º. In addition, Tennessee can be visited by tornadoes, floods, electrical storms, earthquakes, ice storms, landslides and other natural disasters. These weather conditions can cause power outages across the Volunteer State.
The Top Five Ways to Plan For the Tennessee Renaissance Festival
Every weekend in May, the countryside outside the small communities of Triune and Arrington, Tennessee, is transformed into the 16th century village of Covington Glen for the annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival. A visit to the TN Ren Fest is a step back in time to see the Queen of England and her courtiers, jousting knights on horseback, musicians, dancers, jugglers, live chess matches and more. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your visit to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.
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