Rebecca St. James Answers ‘What Is He Thinking?’ in New Book

Grammy Award winning singer and best-selling Christian author, Rebecca St. James is this week launching her ninth book, “What Is He Thinking??” with major national media and a promise: This is a book that will bring hope and encouragement to single women everywhere.
What Is He Thinking??: What Guys Want Us to Know About Dating, Love, and Marriage
St. James guested this week on Fox Radio Network’s “Hannity” — and as coincidence would have it — Sean Hannity himself bestowed a written endorsement for “What Is He Thinking??”
Hannity was among the hand selected group of single and married men drawn into the new St. James project that is aimed at revealing authentic ‘guy speak’ on dating, love, and marriage. Declared as a “must read for every girl who wonders where all the good guys have gone,” by the popular Fox television and radio host, the book holds a lot of potential as a resource for young women trying to unravel the mysteries of the ever fascinating subject of “men.”
Other good men with good words of endorsement include:
“A fascinating window into the mind of the modern male. Don’t worry ladies…we’re not as scary as you think!” — Jim Daly, President-Focus On The Family
“A vital resource book chock-ful of godly advice and helpful insights about today’s dating scene. Well recommended!” — Mike Yorkey, Every Man’s Battle series co-author
“The book centers around all the things I wanted to ask guys over the years, and never thought I could,” notes the Australian-born singer who traded her own long standing search for “Mr. Right” in for a “Mrs.” title this past April with her marriage.
As noted by a recent reviewer: “This book is being heralded as the ‘ultimate field guide to men’ and hopes to answer the longing question of many singles’ hearts: ‘Is it still possible to find a mate today and live happily ever after?'”
St. James unpacks some interesting interview notes that underscore data from a recent article in USA Today. The feature noted that in the era of the ‘casual hook-up’ the percentage of those of college age who claim to be virgins also appears to be increasing according to a study released in March 2011 by the National Center for Health Statistics.
Other notes of interest from What Is He Thinking??
Dating trends have changed — from “going out” to “Starbucks hang.” From formal date to an organic, friendship based approach.
That guys with respectful intentions consider “modesty” important — and even “hot.”
Though outside appearance is very important in the visually driven male mind, if there is no personality, depth, or intrigue beyond looks — guys will quickly become disinterested.
The top selling music artist, turned best-selling author and successful actress, feels the book is a gift to the sisterhood of women — like her — who wondered if love would ever really find them in the overgrowth of the dating jungles.
With a wedding ring now securely on her finger and a new book packed with acquired wisdom to share, Rebecca St. James is confident about the outlook for those still on the journey. “This is a stereotype-breaking book,” she notes. “One that will bring a lot of hope and encouragement to single women.”
On a round of national media in support of the new book, Rebecca will guest live October 7 on CBN’s “700 Club.”
What Is He Thinking?? is now at online retail and national bookstores, and is available from Faithwords, a division of the Hachette Book Group.
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