Throat Spray For Singers

Throat Spray: Entertainers Secret
I found the site for the throat spray, Entertainers Secret, at their website
There are tons of cool vocal and vocal training links and vocal training newsletter links at it. I think this site would be a good one for anyone in the music industry.
My choir director is so excited that I found it. He LOVES
it. So does another lady who said that by using it, when she cut her
CD, that she hit notes she has never reached, because it was so great
for her throat. She swears by it!!!
Here is the letter I sent, and then got back from the guy who either
makes or sells Entertainers Secret. I will let you know how
it works:
I finally found a pharmacy that will order Entertainers secret and I
will have it on Monday. But I have 3 engagements before then. One
tonight and 2 tomorrow. Besides laying off the caffeine, drinking
lots of water, anything else I can do to help for the next 2 days
while I wait?
I am desperate!>br?
linda Scholtz
Linda -I checked the phone and e-mail messages this afternoon and heard
your plea for help. I tried to call but got no answer. I am glad
you found a cooperative store. Most of our sales are to drug stores
via pharmaceutical wholesalers. Because we can’t track the flow of
merchandise from wholesaler to retailer, we can’t direct you to a
specific store. But any pharmacy in the USA – chain, independent,
supermarket, discount store, etc – can obtain it. It is in the
standard pharmacy reference books and in the computer systems of
leading national wholesalers. Some of the wholesalers and the code
numbers they use to identify Entertainer’s Secret: McKesson
(1986728), Bergen Brunswig (871-160), Cardinal Health (1165869),
Bindley Western (847-909). And as you know, if it is more convenient
you can order from us directly on a credit card, but on a
holiday season weekend, even overnight delivery wouldn’t help much
on such short notice.
I think you have the right idea: drink lots of water, avoid alcohol
and caffeine (both are inherently drying) and talk / vocalize no more
than absolutely necessary. I wish I could do more. Hang in there
and when you get Entertainer’s Secret, use it liberally. Thanks
again, we appreciate your interest.
Gordon Schmitz
Entertainer’s Secret Throat Relief
THE Solution for Dry Sore Throat and Hoarse Voice
KLI CORP 1119 Third Ave SW Carmel IN 46032
Voice 317-846-7452 or 800-308-7452 Fax
To healthier winter throats,
Linda Scholtz
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