Pastor Greg Starts Second Season



“Pastor Greg” starts its second season this week with a new twist of romance and a veteran actress from the 1960’s hit series Gilligan’s Island as the world’s first Christian sit- com premiers Friday, November 3rd at 11:00 pm PT on Trinity Broadcasting Network.
“With season two we’re adding some exciting twists and turns to ‘Pastor Greg,’” said Greg Robbins, the show’s creator who, incidentally, also plays the role of Pastor Greg. “Pastor Greg reconnects with an old girlfriend, leads her to faith, and they end up getting married. There’s also a brand new, up-beat church for the pair to pastor, with a whole set of zany, off- the-wall, and unforgettable congregational characters. Hey, it’s just like real church!”
“This Christian sit-com with a message, Pastor Greg, is groundbreaking in that it is so good that it’s watched by both secular and Christian audiences,” says Paul Crouch, Jr., TBN Vice President of Administration. “Viewers love this program because it tackles the day to day real life situations that occur in the church with good-natured humor and a thought provoking moral to the story.”
Viewers are also introduced to Pastor Greg’s mom, played to perfection by Dawn Wells. “Dawn brings veteran comic timing and a perfect understanding of how to pull the most out of the role,” said Robbins. “We’re honored to have her as a member of the Pastor Greg team.”
“Pastor Greg,” which debuted last year to rave reviews and awesome audience response, is gearing up for its second season on both Christian networks and over 100 network affiliates nationwide. Wells is thrilled to be part of this innovative effort in faith- based television. “It takes a lot of vision, creativity, and teamwork — as well as a whacky sense of humor — to make a hit TV sit-com,” said Wells. “I think we may have another comedy classic in the making.”
The first season of this groundbreaking half-hour comedy found Greg Wilson, a former gambling, drinking “lost soul” who comes to faith, answering the call to pastor a small-town church. With his casual dress and unconventional ways, Pastor Greg unwittingly stirs things up before winning over the church’s feisty congregation. In the process he helps his congregant clan discover some important truths about love, forgiveness, faith, and God’s family.
Tune in to “Pastor Greg” every Friday (11:00 p.m. PT) and Saturday (1:30 p.m. PT) on TBN. To find out more visit
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