Atlanta band Third Day played two sold out shows Oct. 28 at First Baptist
Church in Franklin. This was their first ticketed concert in the area in over 4 years. This was also the “third day” of the Third Day tour.
The band is touring behind its number 1 album Offerings that features new worship songs and live versions of some of their classics, like “Consuming Fire”
“I’ve always loved you” and “Sky Falls Down” from Time. The band features
Mac Powell on vocals, Mark Lee, and Brad Avery on guitars, David Carr on
drums, and Tai Anderson on bass.
Mac Powell came out on stage as the ever-present leader, sounding as loud
and clear as ever.

The sound & light stage production was state-of- the-art
quality that would easily work well in a larger arena. The fish net backdrop especially enhanced the lighting and stage arrangement. “Sky Falls Down”
had people jumping everywhere. Later, Mac truly thanked the crowd for
helping them sell out two shows in Nashville. The band presented a very
captivating worship song from Offerings called “I remember”
This band truly rocks and worships. If you like their music you really
missed a great show.

Sparrow records artist Kendall Payne opened the show with several acoustic
tunes from her debut CD, also on Capitol Records “Jordan’s Sister” She was
recently featured on the “Girls Room” tour that played small clubs across
the country. Featuring guitarist Jerry McPherson, she performed the songs,
“Supermodel”, “Closer to Myself” and “Modern Day Moses” where she captured
the crowd’s spirit with chants of “let my people go”.
During her set she stated her mission statement: “I felt like God gave me a
choice: Do you want to take your bucket of water and pour it back into the
ocean, or do you want to take it to the people out in the desert? My
response was: I want to take my bucket of water to the people who are dying
of thirst–I want to give them hope. I want to take my water to the desert.”
—Kendall Payne
Also featured was the terriffic band Salvador (Myrrh) This new band from
Austin, Texas came out and really moved the crowd with their Latin flavored
Gospel music. Nick Gonzales is the singer and leader of this band that was
formed with a bunch of of preachers’ kids that got together through praise
and worship leading at Church. As the crowd danced to “Lord, I come before
you” people rushed to the merchandise table to snag up their cd.
The band featured a horn and percussion section and a great
Salvador is the spanish name for Savior, Nick says This is a way for us to
tell them. ‘Salvador’ is our God, and He’s the reason why we do what we do.”
Salvador finished their short set with the single “Crucified” and the
Spanish song, Alabar Al Senor.

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