11/01/00Jennifer Knapp featured on The WB Network’s “Felicity”
On Wednesday, November 8th, Jennifer Knapp’s “A Little More” is going to get significant airplay on the WB show “Felicity.” The track will be used in the last three scenes. First, with Noel and Jane, as Noel steals Jane’s e-mail password. Next, with Ben and Felicity, as they talk while Felicity cooks. Lastly, as Ben heads for the store as has an unfortunate run in with Randy and his frat brothers. The song should air for about 3 minutes total.

10/31/00.Jennifer Knapp on MTV

In the midst of the top grossing Christian concert tour this fall, Gotee recording artist Jennifer Knapp can also being heard on MTV’s reality television hit “The Real World.” On October 10, Knapp’s song “Peace” from her sophomore recording Lay It Down was featured on the show. With a licensing agreement through Gotee Records that makes
the entire album available for use on the show, future usage is expected.

“The character on “Real World” is depicted by a real life fan of our music,
and she wanted to use the album as sort of a personal soundtrack for her
character,” says Knapp. “It will be interesting to see how my songs are
used on the show. It’s a little like sending the kids over to a stranger’s
house for a slumber party. You just hope they are safe and they come back okay.”
Knapp first appeared on the Christian music scene in 1998 with her debut
release Kansa, which spent an impressive 80 weeks on the top of the Top 25
Christian charts. Since then Knapp has sold nearly 700,000 units, landed a
Billboard Music Video Award and two Dove Awards, including New Artist Of The
Year. She has been featured in CCM Magazine (cover), LA Times, Pollstar
(cover), and People Magazine. In 1998 she toured four dates with Sarah
McLaughlin’s Lilith Fair, and has shared the stage with McLaughlin, Indigo
Girls, Sheryl Crow, DC Talk and Jars Of Clay, among others.
10/30/00 Eric Roberts on Politically Incorrect!
The star of Mercy Streets Eric Roberts who will be appearing as a guest on ABC’s
Politically Incorrect this week! Watch closely and you might catch your friends from
NSOUL in the audience!! Other guests will include Rev. Jesse Jackson, Vicki
Lawrence, and Nancy Schaeffer
Check your local listening for airing time.
You can also leave your feedback about the show at this number
Politically Incorrect 213-852-2345
Airs Nov. 8 on INSP. Based on the New Haven/Provident video tribute to Columbine martyr Cassie Bernall, the show includes footage of Bernall and of the Columbine tragedy, interviews with her family and friends, and music by Steven Curtis Chapman, The Kry, Michael W. Smith, and others. The video and corresponding album release Nov. 7.
The popular youth celebrity from the ’80s sitcom, The Facts of Life, plans 80 radio and TV appearances this fall, including tonight’s Fox News Live, plus The 700 Club, Nick at Nite, Queen Latifah, and a yet-to-be-scheduled Today Show. She’s featured in the Oct. 27 Entertainment Weekly magazine. She’s promoting her October release, Creative
Correction, a parenting guide. The Focus on the Family book is published by
Tyndale House.



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