It has been
an incredible year of blessings for The
Fox Brothers. The group spent the year, criss-crossing
the United States, performing at fairs;
festivals; and other family-oriented
venues. Touring is a passion for The
Fox Brothers. They love it. It’s a good
thing, since they are constantly on the
Musically, it has been a great year for the
group. They released two singles to radio
stations that play Christian-Country music –
“He Broke The Law” and “Backslider’s Prayer.”
Both songs peaked at No. 1 in the CC charts.
In fact, both songs were so strong that they
were both Top 5 songs in CC music.
“He Broke The Law” was nominated by the
membership of the Christian Country Music
Association (CCMA) as one of the Top 5
songs of the year.
“Backslider’s Prayer” reached No. 1 on four
of the six CC charts. Although it only peaked
at No.3 in the CCRB CC chart, the song was
strong enough to tack down the No. 3 position
in that publication’s Top 15 songs of the year.
The Fox Brothers are grateful for their record
label, Mercy Street Records, for helping them
achieve their musical goals. Through Mercy
Street’s efforts, The Fox Brother’s CD –
Sincerely “Yours” – can be found in many
Wal-Marts throughout the country.
In October, The Fox Brothers were honored
by the Country Gospel Music Guild which
presented them with the “Vocal Group Of The
Year” and “Album Of The Year” awards.
In November, the membership of the CCMA
voted the group as “The Entertainers Of The
Year” and “Vocal Group Of The Year.” The
group was extremely honored to be presented
all of these awards.
This year’s presidential election was great fodder
for Roy Fox, the group’s resident comedian. There
were enough “hanging chad” jokes to fill a chad
receptor. As always, Roy’s jokes were well-conceived
and received. Speaking of the youngest brother, Roy and Linda Fox
are grateful that their son, Roy Dale, Jr., is growing
and is doing fine. He is a miracle baby, considering
he only weighed one pound, six ounces at birth. He
was born last year.
Lynn and Beverly Fox are now the proud parents of
a teen-aged son – Trey. He turned 13 years old in
August. One of the highlights of the year for the
family is Trey’s annual birthday party.
Randy and Debbie Fox are doing well and are enjoying
the Christmas holidays with their family. Daughter
Jessica is married and works in newspaper advertising.
Son Brent travels on the road with his lead-singing
daddy and serves as the group’s sound engineer/trumpet
The group added a new player this year. John
Abernathy joined the group after his high school
graduation. He replaced Joey Gipson, who was
commonly known as ‘The Banjo Boy.” John plays
lead guitar and fiddle during the group’s
performances. Adam Potter, who sings bass and plays rhythm guitar,
and drummer Tom Drenon round out the group. They
are both enjoying the holidays with their families.
We wish you the joy of the our Lord and Savior,
Jesus, during this Christmas season; and may your
New Year be blessed with His sweet favor.
From the Fox Brothers Management team.


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