The View from the Parsonage

“The View from the Parsonage,” by Susan Rice DeLisle, a pastor’s wife, draws the reader in with her witty, heartfelt true stories of what
life is like inside the “fish bowl” of a minister’s family. Through ten years of marriage, she shares stories of how parishioners have touched the life of her family, and how things look on both sides of the “glass tank” of that fish bowl existence.
She shares stories of three different parishes her husband, Steve, and her have had the privilege of being a part of over the years, such as flying underwear when one young man tried to help them move and forgot to take the dresser drawers out before flying down a busy highway, and when first married, she inherited what she thought was a sturdy table that collapsed just as dinner was about to be served. She talks of how she went from barely boiling water to learning to be a great cook, wife and mother, serving the Lord in many capacities over the years.
There are those people who she learned valuable lessons from such as the woman who tried to tell her what her role as a pastor’s wife
should be and more or less wasn’t, to trying to fit in and make friends while maintaining their role to serve the church congregations.
Her book has a wonderful conversational, neighborly tone that makes it an easy and relaxing read.
Susan says she wrote this book to let people know that pastors and their families are ordinary people who are learning to live life the way God wants us to-one day at a time. Born and raised in Kentucky, she resides in Indiana with her husband Steve, and two children, Ben and Kelly, ages 5 and 7. Steve serves as pastor of the First Church of God in Eaton, IN. Susan presently works as a full time administrative assistant for Church of God Ministries, Inc., is an author and self-proclaimed domestic goddess.
For more information, or to purchase a copy of Susan’s book, contact Warner Press, Inc. in Anderson, Ind. at 1-800-741-7721 or by e-mail at ($11.95 plus shipping and handling, $4.95, stock number D7240).
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