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The Susan B. Anthony List keeps Americans updated on news related to life with its daily radio commentary airing on over 700 stations nationwide. Highlights from this week’s commentaries are below.
Amnesty International Wants to Make Abortion a ‘Human Right’

Amnesty International is known throughout the world as a leading defender of human rights. So, it was a little surprising when the group recently announced it wanted to make abortion an international human right – and that it would target nations with pro-life laws, like the United States. Amnesty leaders say they will push for the United Nations to issue an international document saying abortion is a human right. Amnesty International says it is looking for feedback on this issue.
In Some States, Taxpayers Footing the Bill for Unethical Research

When it comes to embryonic stem cell research, in some states taxpayers are getting stuck with the bill. Embryonic stem cell research involves the destruction of tiny human beings in order to conduct research supporters say will cure diseases like juvenile diabetes. It’s an “end justifies the means” argument. To date, it’s also an argument full of empty promises. No cures have been found from embryonic stem cell research – only adult stem cell research has produced results. Biotech companies and scientists have found little support for their work in the business community and now want taxpayers to underwrite their mad science experiments. This is a fact NOT lost on venture capitalists who are investing less and less in biotech firms. Unfortunately, in states like California, taxpayers are now paying for what business investors know to be a bad deal.
Big Win for Parental Rights in Missouri

The Missouri state House recently approved legislation requiring schools to get a parent’s permission before their teenager participates in sexual education classes. Lawmakers also voted to prevent groups that promote or perform abortions, like Planned Parenthood, from teaching or providing material for sex ed courses. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Cynthia Davis, is a parent herself, and said she was surprised to learn from her son about the content of the sex ed class he was taking. What about backlash from school administrators? Davis says if the schools are above board, they shouldn’t feel the need to hide anything from parents.
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